Friday, January 23, 2015


I love this Sibling Tween Shoot from last fall. It is genuinely rewarding as a photographer to encourage Tweens to come alive in front of the camera and to help them bring forth their inner confidence.

Although styling is a key component in my business, an individual's true confidence comes from embracing one's inner beauty.  As a photographer, I am given the great privilege to help draw this important discovery out of my clients.

I will be announcing a special Tween / BFF Photo Shoot Giveaway this Monday evening at 6pm CST for 9-14 year olds. One * lucky * Tween will win a styled shoot with his / her 4 Best Friends.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


I encountered a profound discovery during this photo session of blossoming Photographer, Andrea, and her amazing boyfriend Matt. Some of you may recognize Andrea from your fall sessions as Empire Photography's talented Assistant.

As I was culling through these images, I saw Andrea in an entirely new light. Maybe it was the magical way that Matt makes her light up and smile, in a way that only he can do. 

But could it also be that during reality, we unknowingly choose to see what we want to see in another person, and thus allow the true essence of a human being to become hidden behind life's distractions? In a photograph, it is almost as if you can see a deeper layer of a person, a dimension that could never be found through language. 

This is the unexpected conclusion that I discovered during this winter shoot with Andrea and Matt.

When moments are stolen forever within the frame of a camera, intricate characteristics are impossible to go unnoticed. The true essence of a human being emerges in such a raw and real way, that we even have a tiny glimpse into a person's soul.

Each expression and every second that fades during real time, is highlighted and found within eternity. All it takes is one snap of the shutter.

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As a mom to three little boys, I know how fleeting the years with our children are. 

This is why I love lifestyle photography. A lifestyle session gives families the opportunity to capture real life moments as they naturally unfold. Poses and backdrops are replaced with a place called home and activities that little ones cherish the most.

During this session, I was invited into this amazing family's home, and as my camera and I faded into the background, I witnessed through my lens the pure and precious love of a mother, father and two young siblings. The new brother and sister felt so warm and comfortable in their natural surroundings, and they enjoyed a play date and time with their Mom and Dad. The session brought forth heartfelt smiles, love and lots of fun! 

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